0-12 Month (Babies/Crawlers) Classroom & 12-24 Month (Walkers) Classroom

Redemption Kids’ aims to provide the best environment for our youngest babies, crawlers and walkers — a clean, healthy, and loving environment for your child. In these two classrooms we will pray over each child, and begin introducing them to Jesus’ saving work for them.

2-3 Year Old (Toddlers) Classroom & 4-5 Year Old (Preschool) Classroom

In our toddler and preschool classrooms, we desire that each child begins to learn the “grand narrative” of the whole Bible. Every Sunday provides opportunities for kids to connect each Bible story to Jesus and help them begin to understand that the whole Bible is the Gospel – the Good News of Jesus!

K-1st Grade (Lower Elementary) Classroom & 2nd-5th Grade (Upper Elementary) Classroom

We encourage the kids in our Lower and Upper Elementary Classrooms towards an understanding of how to grow in a relationship with Jesus. Before your child leaves the 5th grade, we want them to understand that the Gospel is not just the first four books in the New Testament, rather the Gospel is the entire Bible pointing to God’s redemptive plan of Salvation alone in Jesus Christ.

Our Upper Elementary students (2nd-5th Grade) will begin each week with their families for large group corporate worship in the main worship service, then they will be *dismissed to their classroom for an age appropriate Bible teaching and small group time of connecting to Jesus each Sunday.

*Note: All 2nd-5th Grade children must be checked into our database by their parent/guardian before the Sunday morning worship service.